unloading the bandwagon

More than 13 years ago, I made my first post on Facebook:

“is succumbing to the promise of easy contact with friends and acquaintances”

(Remember when Facebook posts used to be “status updates” that began with your name? Yeah, I barely do, too.)

My friend Alexis responded with a rather prescient comment:

“I realized when you I saw your friend request that we’ve been well and truly #^@%ed by the machine.”

Well, it’s time to begin to detach myself from this particular machine.

I’m starting by going through my old posts and salvaging the bits that are worth preserving on this blog, somewhere offline, or on a non-zucked service like Flickr. My second post on Facebook was a link to my Flickr page, which I’ve let languish lately; it’s time to revive that… if only to push my weird pigeon pictures further down in my feed.

It’s going to be a while before I have completely abandoned Facebook, but I’d like to make sure now that I have other ways to contact folks. So, if you want me to have your contact information, send me email. My address is my last name after my first name at gmail and a dot and then com. I’ll respond with my phone number and physical address.

If you want to follow this blog, there’s an RSS feed, and WordPress has a Follow button that you can use to get email updates about new posts.

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