The rest of your life begins with a million steps.

I have not done a good job of making physical exercise part of my daily routine for the past year, since returning to the regular working world.

I’m fixing that.

I find that competition motivates me, and I also find that I have an easier time changing my habits when I am already in transition in other ways. Conveniently, my company has a month-long competition (Walktober) starting tomorrow, and I am also changing roles and physical work locations within the company. This is a good time to reset habits.

I am going to walk to and from work (>20km round trip) every weekday during this month. On weekends, I’ll focus on strength training. Stretching every morning and while working. After the month is up, I’ll evaluate how to modify this routine as a longer-term habit.

I’m hoping to beat the one-month step count that I got last summer.

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