Rubber, meet road.

When I quit my job last year, the idea was that I’d spend a year dedicated to studying and training: I’d study Portuguese and Russian to get closer to working as a professional translator; I’d study Tsun Jo kung fu to get closer to working as a martial arts instructor; and I’d train physically to regain fitness and health that I had let drift away during more than 15 years working on software.

It’s exam time.

On Sunday, July 9th, I leave for São Paulo, Brazil. On the 11th, I’ll take a bus to Sertãozinho, a small city a few hundred kilometers north of the city of São Paulo. From there, I start walking along the Caminho da Fé (Path of Faith) to Aparecida. It should take me about 25 days to walk the ~1,100km from Sertãozinho to Aparecida, with numerous side treks and detours along the way.

um mapa do Caminho da Fé

I’ll give myself a passing grade on this exam if I make it on foot to Aparecida by August 9th without sustaining any serious injuries or using English with anyone—except for calling my family and posting updates of my trip to friends on social media and this blog.

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11 thoughts on “Rubber, meet road.

  1. Is that nearly a marathon per day? (or is my math off?) Good luck Todd! Can’t wait to see what you discover along the way. ^Ko & Crew in Hollywood

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  2. Extra broken-in shoes? Fancy high-tech band-aids that seal well, bend like skin, and act as a cushion (or one thin sheet of tegaderm–and some tiny scissors–if you can get it)?

    Much enjoyment and success! I have confidence you will both rock this and have many adventures along the way. 🙂


    1. Sorry – that was silly – you’ve probably thought of everything.

      Plus — curse you WordPress — I meant : ) without the space, not 🙂


  3. The 1000 mile journey only takes place one step at a time… stay present, it will pass all too quixkly. May you find every blessing.


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